Alton Towers Contact Number for Customer Services

Do you need the Alton Towers contact number? Do you need to book tickets or ask questions relating to the park itself? If so, simply call the contact number directly below.

0843 557 3820

Why would you need to contact Alton Towers?

Call the Alton Towers contact number for anything to do with:

•    Booking a hotel stay, or tickets to the theme park or water park
•    Checking for seasonal offers on tickets to Alton Towers Resort
•    Checking available facilities around the park
•    Special requirements for during your stay
•    Buying an Alton Towers Annual Passalton towers smiler
•    Booking a school trip
•    Seasonal Alton Towers events
•    Hotel pre-arrival information
•    Upgrading your visit with a VIP Experience

What Is Alton Towers?

Alton Towers is a British holiday resort and amusement park located within the historic country grounds of Alton, Staffordshire, around the ruins of the original Alton Tower stately home. It spans across 800 acres of land and houses two hotels, a water park and a theme park, as well as a monorail and cable car transportation network.  It is engulfed by large masses of forestry which provides the beautiful backdrop for the resort and its features.

The Alton Towers theme park is famous for its rides and attractions, which includes eight thrill-seeking roller coasters and five water rides. As well as these the park offers a countless number of other attractions, walkthroughs, restaurants, games and fast food outlets. Its most popular rides over the years include Nemesis, Air, Oblivion, Rita, and its most recent addition The Smiler, which is the world’s first 14-looping roller coaster.

Alton Towers accommodates visitors of all ages, providing dedicated areas for children such as CBeebies Land, Cloud Cuckoo Land and Adventure Land.

As well as its theme park, Alton Towers Resort has managed to find considerable popularity with its family-oriented hotels containing themed and interactive rooms, and its Cariba Creek water park. There are currently plans to extend the Alton Towers Spa and possibly build a new resort entrance closer to the hotels. The resort’s new accommodation, the Enchanted Village, is expected to open in 2015.

History of Alton Towers

alton-towers-gardensAlton Towers Resort originally started out as a site for flower shows and garden tours, until its parent company Merlin Entertainments built the theme park in 1980. The park draws its name from the tower ruins around which it is built, the estate being a former seat of the Earls of Shrewsbury. The towers were the original stately home of the Talbot family until 1924 and are now open to the public during most of the year.

Visitors can walk around areas of the Towers such as the chapel, the banqueting hall, Her Ladyship’s Gardens and the conservatories.  They can also visit the walk-through based ride known as Hex – the Legend of the Towers, which takes its theme from Staffordshire’s true legend about the 15th Earle of Shrewsbury who was cursed by a beggar woman and forced to suffer death every time a branch fell from an oak tree. The finale to the ride is located away from the Towers themselves but made to look like a secret vault where an oak tree lies in chains.



Alton Towers provides disabled access to all of its rides; a fully equipped Medical Centre; designated cash points and smoking areas; baby change areas with a pushchair hiring service and baby supply stock, and free wi-fi all around the park. There is also cheap car parking available, including Express car parking for faster entry.

Day Planning

Alton Towers offers handy tips and advice on how to make the most out of your visit, as well as clear, coloured maps so guests can find their way around. Parents with children can ask Guest Services about the Parent Queue Share passes, which ensures they ride together, and Free ID wristbands for the kids to help prevent them from getting lost.
For those that can’t wait to get on their favourite rides, Fastrack tickets allow you to skip the queues on specified attractions and Single Rider queues (for those who don’t mind riding alone) will also help you get to the front of the line quicker.

Food and Drink

The theme park has a choice of dozens of different eateries and food outlets in every section of the park, both for sit-down meals and al-fresco dining. For families or big groups, All Day Dining passes allow you to eat wherever and whenever you like all day for a fixed fee, and there are also lots of Food and Drink vouchers on hand from the Alton Towers website to help you save money.

Perks & Extras

Riders can purchase photographs of themselves enjoying the most thrilling rides, which come in a special themed frame or printed on any of the merchandise available. They can also upgrade their visit with a Fastrack pass; an Annual pass or one of Alton Towers’ VIP experiences, which include dining, express car parking and queue-cutting.

Alton Towers: A Perfect Day Out

At Alton Towers, there is guaranteed to be something for everybody. Enjoy heart-pumping roller coasters and compelling attractions , all set against the beautiful backdrop of the Alton Towers gardens.

Thrill-seekers can test their nerve on some of Europe’s largest and most pioneering rides, such as Nemesis, Oblivion, Rita and the Smiler. Others can keep things cool with the Flume or Congo River Rapids; take a trip on the Runaway Mine Train or get competitive with Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back.

Little ones meanwhile will love the recently opened CBeebies Land, a whole area of the theme park that brings the popular TV channel to life and provides plenty of opportunities to learn and play. For families with older children, areas like Mutiny Bay, Cloud Cuckoo Land and Adventure Land will provide the ideal balance for riders of all ages.

To make the fun last even longer, why not book an overnight stay in one of Alton Towers’ high-quality hotels? With plenty of themed and interactive family rooms to choose from, evening entertainment, a crazy golf course and the hotel spa, guests are sure to be kept entertained long after the park closes.