Alton Towers To Create 75 New Jobs

Alton Towers has announced it will be creating 75 new alton-towers-contact-numbertheme park jobs this year as it plans to extend its current accommodation facilities.

The historic UK amusement park that currently spans over 800 acres of land, revealed some months ago that it would be creating a new accommodation site in order to encourage more visitors to stay over at the park and increase traffic. The accommodation area, which will be fairytale-themed, will be called the Enchanted Village and will provide over 100 lodges and treehouses located in the northern end of the resort.

This will make room for more than 600 extra visitors who wish to stay overnight, and open up at least 75 new job positions.

Director of development at Alton Towers Mark Kerrigan said, “This is important to Alton Towers Resort, which plays an important role in supporting local companies and suppliers.

“The resort attracts lots of people, which again supports local businesses. People who stay at the resort spend four times more than day visitors.”

alton-towers-entranceAlton Towers has received full planning permission for the proposed extension from Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. The Enchanted Village is expected to open in 2015, and will include a new restaurant and children’s park as well as the lodges.

Local councillor Mike Worthington commended the plans, saying it was an “exciting development”.

“It is fantastic that money is being invested. It will produce more employment in the Staffordshire Moorlands,” he said.

The 75 new jobs will be in addition to the thousands of permanent and seasonal jobs that Alton Towers already offers, making it a perfect opportunity for students or others looking for part time work. It welcomes in over 20,000 visitors per day, and this is likely to increase within the next year.

As well as the Enchanted Village, visitors will of course also have the option to stay in the classic Alton Towers hotel, or the Caribbean-themed Splash Landings hotel, both of which offer a range of interactive themed rooms perfect for families and groups.

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