Corporate Training More Effective When It Involves Fun, Alton Towers Study Claims

A recent Alton Towers study into the training processes of corporate events found that learning is enhanced when the training involves analton-towers-waterpark element of fun.

Conferences, seminars and other training workshops hosted by companies and large businesses therefore have the potential to be much more effective if they were engaging and entertaining for trainees.

The study was carried out by post-graduate business students at Sheffield Hallam University in conjunction with Alton Towers Resort, and involved a survey with over 100 employees. The employees came from a mix of different businesses, from small start-ups to larger organisations across a range of sectors.

Following a focus group, questions were chosen based on various aspects of the typical work-related learning process, such as content, learning and testing methods, duration of training and environment. TheĀ purpose of the study was to examine the concept that fun improves learning by combining academic theories with organic research.

Of the employees that participated in the survey, 52% said that they found standard training conferences boring, whilst 60% said they would be more receptive and engaged in corporate events if there was an element of fun added to the learning process.

On the whole, 57% of respondents said they would be able to concentrate better on tasks or activities if they were more fun. The study also presented other findings; for example, 46% of respondents said they wanted to see significant self-improvement from participating in work training events, and 51% said they hoped to gain new contacts and build business relationships.

Rachel Cotton, head of trade and corporate sales at Alton Towers Resort, said:

Teaming up with Sheffield Hallam University has allowed us to produce a report that supports and proves that adding an element of fun into training increases engagement and the effectiveness of workplace education.

We encourage event planners to to include an element of fun into all their corporate events, and [Alton Towers] will continue to add new and innovative ways to our portfolio to enable this to be done successfully.”

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