Alton Towers to Open “Gravity Defying” Rollercoaster Restaurant

Alton Towers Rollercoaster RestaurantAlton Towers continues to expand this year with the planned opening of a “Rollercoaster-Themed” restaurant situated on the site of the former AIR shop.

The restaurant, which will be employing 24 new staff, will see diner’s meals arriving at their tables after first doing two “gravity-defying loop-the-loops” on rollercoaster rails set up throughout the restaurant, and will sit 150 people. It’s the UK’s first “rollercoaster restaurant,” and so will likely be a big hitter with Alton Towers guests when it opens in May.

Alton Towers’ executive head chef, Dan Wilbraham, said “The roller-coaster restaurant’s head chef will be managing a team of 24 members. They will need extensive experience of experimental food provision that delivers the wow factor… This is a dream job for people out there, but it will also be challenging.” It’s not clear what examples of “experimental food provision that delivers the wow factor” might be, or how one would get experience in them, but that’s only the beginnings of the requirements for the new staff.

Wilbraham goes on to say “Not only will we be offering the fastest of fast-food during the day, but we have to then offer a premium evening menu for our hotel residents and people staying in the local area which will be no mean feat. So we’re looking for someone with experience in this type of environment, although we recognise nobody will have worked in anything exactly the same. The team will also need to be full of energy and confidence.”

He then added “I now look after a team of more than 100 people, including four head chefs. I can’t wait for our new restaurant to open.”

Alton Towers is also expanding its other departments, with Splash Landings recruiting a second head chef to manage 25 other chefs, and a host of new features and rollercoasters.

The Galactica rollercoaster is just one of them – a blending of virtual reality with a traditional rollercoaster, it is 189 seconds long, and will launch visitors along an 840m track while they wear virtual reality headsets that simulate travelling to outer space, with g-forces on “launch” of 3.5gs – more than astronauts feel on an actual rocket launch. The ride is located in the Forbidden Valley, like the rollercoaster restaurant, and replaces the Log Flume and Ripsaw rides, which have closed and been decommissioned.

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