Where Is Alton Towers?


Alton Towers Address

Alton Towers
ST10 4DB

How To Reach Alton Towers

The Alton Towers Resort can be reached by car via the B5517 and M1. For Sat Nav devices, you can use the postcode above for reference. If you are travelling via the B5417, do not use your Sat Nav for the last leg of the journey; instead, simply follow the diversion signs displayed along the road.

Alton Towers recommends that you set your Sat Nav to stick to ‘main routes’ or ‘fastest’. Selecting ‘shortest’ may not take you directly to the resort.

Visitors can also take the bus or train to Alton Towers. Sites like First Group, thetrainline.com and transportdirect.info can help you plan your journey from home, including any changeovers needed, prices, and how long it will take to travel.